Adventures in the
Czech Republic

Rachel and Jonathan,
August 17-29, 2005.

Prague Ceske Krumlov West Bohemia

Loket, which means elbow is a tiny town named after the sharp bend in the River Ohre where it was founded. This is the view from our hotel room window on a cool foggy morning. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

The Loket Hrad (Castle) tower peeks into our hotel room. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Jonathan and Rachel took turns doing life drawings at the end of their first day in Loket. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Our hotel in Loket. (Our room was the one with the double windows at the top right of the building.) (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Loket Hrad (Castle). Good luck invading this one... (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

We walked around the base of Loket Hrad and met some hungry goats that lived on the steep hillside. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Loket Hrad's tower is build of stone, but the interior stairs and floors are wooden. Jonathan sits in the topmost tower room. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Jonathan's sketch of Loket Hrad, from across the river, done in a light rain. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Rachel was captured by Czech rebels and imprisoned in Loket Hrad's dungeon. She escaped without revealing any secrets to her captors, despite unspeakable torture. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

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