Adventures in the
Czech Republic

Rachel and Jonathan,
August 17-29, 2005.

Prague Ceske Krumlov West Bohemia

We rode a bus for 3 hours between Prague and Ceske Krumlov. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Ceske Krumlov, a glorious medieval town at the bend in the River Vlatava. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Rachel with Ceske Krumlov's Zamecka vez (castle tower) and chateau behind her (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

A view out of the chateau to the Ceske Krumlov's church: sv Vit. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Jonathan's watercolor sketch of Ceske Krumlov, a bit rushed due to a rainstorm and an empty stomach. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Three buildings in a row with sgraffito decorations. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Rachel studies her subject... (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

...and sketches it. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Rachel's lovely pen sketch of Ceske Krumlov's jumbled leaning buildings, seen from the protection of a collonade during a downpour one morning. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Jonathan's sketch of the same street during the same rainstorm -- we sat side by side on a doorstep, drawing. A newspaper reporter for the town took our picture at the end. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

A view of Ceske Krumlov from the North, on our way back from a walk. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Jonathan's Style-pen sketch of Ceske Krumlov's chateau and tower, in his journal from the vantage point of the entry to the old town. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

The Vlatava River (same one the flows through Prague) from the Ceske Krumlov chateau. Boating is very popular there -- we tried it too and had a great time. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

The chateau's gardens seemed to go on forever -- we never discovered where (or if) they ended. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Rachel sits in the window of our Ceske Krumlov hotel, the Hotel U Vaclava, which we both enjoyed. Roman, the manager, was very kind to us and served up a delicious breakfast each morning in the cool vaulted dining room. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

The view out our hotel window -- Ceske Krumlov is a mixture of hotels and normal habitations, though the pressure of tourism is encouraging more and more people to convert their homes into pensionnes. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

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