Adventures in the
Czech Republic

Rachel and Jonathan,
August 17-29, 2005.

Prague Ceske Krumlov West Bohemia

Ceske Krumlov has canoe and raft rental. For next to nothing, you can spend as long as 8 hours on the Vlatava River, then be picked up and taken back to town. We chose the 4 hour, 35 kilometer option and this yellow plastic canoe. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

A blue raft of Czech girls was either in front of us or behind us throughout our paddle downstream. They had a good laugh no matter what was happening, and were often stuck in shallow water. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

The boating day was Jonathan's favorite of the whole trip. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Rachel's peaceful photo of Ceske Krumlov chateau taken from the boat as we floated past. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

The Southern Bohemia countryside we floated through. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Wildflowers like these grew all along the stretch of Vlatava River where we canoed. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

We ended our boat trip at the Zlata Koruna monastery. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Bales of hay in a field along the river. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Rachel stretches her legs at Zlata Koruna at the end of our day in the canoe. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

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