Adventures in the
Czech Republic

Rachel and Jonathan,
August 17-29, 2005.

Prague Ceske Krumlov West Bohemia

We spent all of one day on mountain bikes exploring North of Ceske Krumlov on the lovely network of bike paths and trails. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Although this path turned out to be the wrong one, we saw some beautiful views of the forest and a river because of following it, including this little monument. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

The monument to the left of Rachel covers a fresh water spring. To the right is a river. The bike paths were both paved and dirt. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

We biked to a monastery in the town of Zlata Koruna (Golden Crown) just in time for a bio break. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

Wildflowers along a cornfield on a sunny dirt road. (Photo/Sketch: Rachel)

The bike path took us to a ruined castle, also along the Vlatava River, now hidden by an evergreen forest. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

We explored the interior and found graffiti from the 1800s on some of the remaining walls. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

The holes for the interior timbers sometimes had splintered remains, but were usually empty, and a large pile of stones was in what had once been a grand central room. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

Rachel was exhausted at this point in the ride, and it looked like rain was coming, so we turned back. Though drenched and wobbly, we finally got back to Ceske Krumlov that evening by 6:00 pm in time to see a chamber music concert. (Photo/Sketch: Jonathan)

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