Kathmandu Temples - Satellite Dish and Stupa
What's a stupa? Here's Lonely Planet's description: "Stupas were originally built to house holy relics, or to commemorate an event or place, with a structure that symbolizes Buddhist beliefs. They are never hollow. The base of the stupa takes the shape of a mandala (symbolizing earth); on this four tiered base sits the dome (symbolizing water); then comes the spire (symbolizing fire); the umbrella (symbolizing air); and the pinnacle (symbolizing ether). The Buddha's watchful eyes gaze out in four directions from the square base of the spire. There is a third eye between and above the two normal eyes and the 'nose' is not a nose at all but the Nepali number one, signifying the unity of all life."

In the background, also pointing skyward, is a modern stupa of sorts--a TV satellite dish.

Photo by Catherine Ley