Day 6 - Staggering into Ghyaru     Welcoming committee unimpressed

By the time we arrive at Ghyaru, elevation 3,670 meters (12,040 feet), Mary is feeling very ill and quite concerned that she may have to turn around and go home without crossing Thorung-La Pass. These three children who came to investigate our group at the entrance to the village were nonplussed. Andrew Stevenson had a similar altitude sickness experience in this same part of his trek, which he describes in Annapurna Circuit as follows:

My head begins to hurt so much I can no longer ignore the pain. I sit down to rest on a spur overlooking the glacier-fed Marsyangdi Khola; my heartbeat seems to throb correspondingly in my head and waves of nausea overwhelm me. I try lying on my back, perfectly still. I have never experienced altitude sickness at a height of only three-thousand meters before. I search for excuses, as if reluctant to admit recognising the insidious symptoms.
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Photo by Alistair Adams