Mud People are Good People

co-documented by Dr. Evil, Agent 007, Mud Man, and Pete

My name is Pete, keeper of the commode. I seek the creature they call Mud Man...

Anywhere Mud Man glistens and glides, day or night, I will not be far behind.

The bond he and I share is a deep secret. It is my burden to bear,
and I must shoulder it alone. But you may follow me...if you dare.

Maybe the mystery of Mud Man's elusive nature will be revealed to you
in this faded excerpt from a rare inter-tribal mud correspondence.

It is I: MUD MAN! Here to save the day!!
Over there! Dr. Evil is attempting some vile treachery...
I must move swiftly to foil his plans!
Goodbye, and Stay hydrated, fellow Mud Person.

Who Mud Man so carefully protects:



Scenes from the Carefree Lives of the Mud People
(a result of Mud Man's eternal vigilance):

Celebrating Sir John Hand Day...

Rare documentation of the Mud People's use of primitive water-transportation technology.
The thin layer of mud on the floor of each vessel is for emergency hydration.

Simply stated:   E.Y. ROCKS!

Nature smiles upon the peaceful Mud Tribespeople.

Overheard on United flight 1497: "I like Pete. He's cool.
But what's the connection between him and Mud Man?"

Let the legend live on...forever.

The Mud People, 1999.    All photos on this page by Pete Hammond.   Back to Mud People Tribal Elders