Ali & Catty: Life on the Green River

Ali "Ansel" Adam's magnum opus: view up-river from Turk's Head at sunrise.

A hood ornament on the prow of Dawn's canoe.

Truth is beauty; beauty, truth.

Mud Man emerges to join the trip, posing as the mild-mannered
Pete until danger strikes, as in this heroic canoe rescue.

Thunderheads forming around the bend above two canoes.

Jonny-O, Queenie, and Ali on a day hike.

Mud Haiku
Sheer cliff face
Joins sky above to
Moon below.
  --Sum Yung Gai, 2200 B.C.

Queen Bee demonstrates the personal
touch that keeps her drones so loyal...

The Mud People, 1999.    All photos on this page by Ali Adams or Catty Ley.   Back to Mud People Tribal Elders